COSTUME CATASTROPHE! Sunday, October 24, 2021 at Chagrin River Tavern in Eastlake.

Harold Thorton, CEO of Center Stage Entertainment, loves to throw company parties and particularly loves the annual Costume party. Center Stage Entertainment is a multi-million dollar booking agency with some of the most prominent entertainers and professional sports figures of the day. The company rakes in millions with their 20% service fee. Think about it, at 20%, Center Stage earns $200,000 for every one million dollars from their clients. With an average of over 450 million earned by their clients per year, CSE is in line for over 90 million dollars in yearly income! Nice work, if it were all true. The discovery of some suspect manipulation of funds is cause for great concern. It looks like somebody’s got some explaining to do. This event may prove to be not your ordinary costume party but a rather a large COSTUME CATASTROPHE!