WHO CUT THE CHEESE?! (Date to be established for likely some time in 2021) at the Holiday Inn, Mentor located at 7701 Reynolds Road. Call 440-951-7397 for reservations

When Gino Gorgonzola was found in a back alley in New Orleans with his throat slit, Mickey Mozzarella went into a rage. He immediately called a meeting of the Four Families – all right, I know, there used to be Five Families but with the economy the way it is, we had to cut back! With the help of the Provolone and Romano Families, Mozzarella is hoping to get to the bottom of this insult to the families! Gino’s widow, Georgianna insists on attending the summit and that all the wives attend. Mickey, not wanting to upset the grieving widow, agrees. With the help of his assistant, Pamela Parmigiano, he hopes to keep the women in line. But, when Detective Colby Sharpe shows up to investigate, the big cheeses are not too happy! I don’t know who cut the cheese, but there is plenty of it to go around!

For details on pricing which could include an evening stay at the hotel, go to our Mystery Page.